Beyoncé's twins have arrived. According to multiple sources, Beyoncé, husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy have welcomed the latest additions to the Knowles-Carter dynasty. Us, People and E! News are all reporting that sources confirm that the twins are here, though the timeline is not quit clear at the moment. Us says that the twins were born sometime "earlier this week."

Beyoncé first announced her pregnancy with a photoshoot back in February, and by most assumptions the twins were expected sometimes this month. Yes, that means that Beyoncé gave birth to twins during the astrological season of the Gemini, the sign represented by twins. Yes, that means that she has literally given birth to "Gemini's Twin," the name Saturday Night Live assigned to a light spoof of her band Destiny's Child. Because, of course she did. She is Beyoncé. She does things perfectly, and she always gets the last laugh.

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” a source tells People.

Other than that, there's very little information out there. The twins name nor birth sexes are not yet public knowledge.

Though, the pregnancy has been highly public. After announcing the pregnancy via photoshoot in February, Beyoncé gave a jaw-dropping performance while pregnant at this year's Grammys. Though, she ultimately had to drop out of Coachella for health concerns this year, and has remained relatively low-key sense then. Though, some tabloid sources say that the family was spotted at a hospital on Thursday.

Of course, we can count on Beyoncé to announce more details when she's good and ready on her own terms. The first pictures of Blue Ivy were posted on a Tumblr account shortly after she arrived in 2012.

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