Beyoncé’s Twins’ Names Were Unceremoniously Leaked

Beyoncé and Jay-Z do very little casually, but revealing their children’s names required no further elaboration.

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The internet gossip sleuths have apparently unearthed the question that has haunted the better part of America for a week or so now: the names of Beyoncé‘s and Jay-Z‘s twins. Rumi and Sir Knowles-Carter are apparently what they’ll be known as, hence forth. The revelation did not come with an artistic photoshoot, dedicated website or HBO special, but rather because TMZ got a hold of paperwork the couple filed to trademark the names on Monday. E! News quickly confirmed the report.

You might be surprised that a couple that manages to keep so many things secret until they’re ready to reveal them to the world—including entire albums, details of their own completely human marital drama, and even, for a few days at least, the birth of the twins—had the names leaked in such a way. Yet, it’s not unprecedented; Blue Ivy’s name was also unceremoniously reported in the press before any sort of official announcement. (Though, it originally circulated as Ivy Blue at first.) In any event, the couple doesn’t have a history of hype-protecting the names, and trademarking them before an official announcement prevents anyone else from trying to cash in.

So, assuming these details are correct and this isn’t some sort of elaborate freak out before they officially unveil the kids’ names as Red and Yellow, the internet is now trying to figure out what they mean.

Sir, as best anyone can tell, might literally just be a reference to the respectful way to address a man. It’s also the honorific given to lower-level British nobility, which is actually quite humble if you consider the kids out there named Queen, King, Prince, and, oh yeah, Baron.

Rumi can mean things like “beauty” and “water” (which would keep with the theme of the underwater pregnancy photos), but the popular theory right now is that it might by a reference to the Persian mythic poet of the same name. Of course, you can keep tuned to Twitter all weekend for the latest conspiracy theories.

This is somehow the second biggest Knowles-Carter-related news of the day. Consider that Jay-Z’s 4:44 was released just before midnight last night and seemed to put all matters of the family’s personal business into lyric form. Though, even the new twins were included. The title track’s lyrics include the lines: “I apologize often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman’s eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don’t deserve you.”

With the kids’ names revealed, now we just patiently await for the inevitable visuals. We supposed this mean that Taylor Swift’s annual Fourth of July photo op is no longer the most anticipated photo shoot of the month.

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