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A Blind Blake Lively Undergoes a Mysterious Eye Operation in First Trailer for All I See Is You

Blake Lively's latest role might be her most unrecognizable yet. In the first trailer for All I See Is You, the blonde bombshell tries a couple of different looks. She begins the two-minute video as a brunette blind woman named Gina and over the course of the clip she morphs into an entirely different character. Lively's character, who went blind after a childhood car accident, becomes eligible to receive an eye operation that promises to restore her vision — and that's when things get weird. Gina's relationship goes from fairy tale with her husband (Jason Clarke), who she can finally see, to something more foreboding. And, for some reason, she switches up her hair color and goes platinum blonde, much like every other celebrity this year. Although, perhaps that was influenced by her character's friendship with Yvonne Strahovski from The Handmaid's Tale? The two also shower together.

If it all seems hard to process, that's kind of the point. Director and co-writer by Marc Foster told Entertainment Weekly about his process: “When I make a film, my visuals are always guided by the motivation of both the character and the story. In this case, I wanted to find a way to tell a story without the limitations of traditional narrative devices, where I could literally embody a painter and create innovative and fluid visuals.”

Lively's latest role seems to challenge her previous thoughts about how most characters for women in Hollywood are two-dimensional. She also criticized the media's portrayal of women in talking about her personal life. "It’s nonsense. It simplifies people," she said of how she's often seen as having the "perfect life." "Not all men, but a subsection of men, have a desire to understand and control women. To do that, you have to paint them into this thing you can wrap your head around. But women are complex. It also is [a reminder] that what you see in the media is not real life."

In any case, see Lively as a brunette and platinum blonde below ahead of the October 27 release of All I See Is You.

All I See Is You
All I See Is You

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