Blake Lively steps out in bright green suit.

Blake Lively Steps Out in a Shockingly Bright Green Suit

Proving once again that she is a Barbie doll come to life, Blake Lively wore a lime green suit in New York while on a press tour for her upcoming film with Anna Kendrick, A Simple Favor. More specifically, a neon-bright lime green sweater, pants, and jacket. Even more specifically, a slime green suit that's brighter than the sun, greener than Ireland itself, and louder than Kim Kardashian's neon Miami wig. See, no normal, regular, carbon-based non-lizard-person human being should touch this suit, let alone buy it, let alone wear it, let alone look really good in it, which Lively does. Because when it comes to fashion, Blake Lively is not of this realm. Since she first hit the scene she's been a fashion icon, regularly eschewing safe choices for highly glamorous, ultra-feminine looks that have less to do with trends and more to do to put this...whimsical elegance? Basically, she does whatever she wants, because she famously doesn't even employ a stylist.

Robert Kamau

Hmm, maybe Lively was subtly giving her husband a shout-out. The two met on the set of The Green Lantern. This is green and a lantern?

By the next day, though, Lively was totally over the green thing and stepped out in head-to-toe blue. If you thought lime green was becoming a trend, well, maybe think again?

Robert Kamau

In all semi-seriousness, the key to both of these outfits is in the contrasting details, which play up the bold choices instead of toning them down. The magenta accessories in Blake's green outfit say, "This is a bold look because I am a bold woman; deal with it," while her lack of a shirt beneath the velour vest tells us that she's Blake Lively and she'll wear velour in 90 degree heat if she damn well wants to. And yes, we are counting the lack of a shirt as an accessory, because it's complementing the outfit. There are no rules anymore. Welcome to Blake Lively's fashion thunderdome.

The best news of all? A Simple Favor doesn't come until September 14th, so we have almost an entire month left of Lively's press tour looks.

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