Back in BLK

The New York-based brand celebrated a collaboration with Anja Rubik

Giovanna Battaglia and Anja Rubik

What: A private viewing of BLK DNM’s 10th wild poster campaign, a series of photographs taken of Anja Rubik in New York wearing, you guessed it, BLK DNM designs.

When: Wednesday, May 14th

Where: The brand’s shop on Lafayette street.

Who: The model of the hour, Anja Rubik, and BLK DNM’s creative director, Johan Lindeberg, were joined by an eclectic group of photogenic partygoers, including Natasha Lyonne, Giovanna Battaglia, Sigrid Agren, and more.

Why: We’re suckers for any party where jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets are the required uniform.

Photos: Back in BLK

Giovanna Battaglia and Anja Rubik. Courtesy of BLK DNM.

Natasha Lyonne. Courtesy of BLK DNM.

Johan Lindeberg and Kenza Fourati. Courtesy of BLK DNM.

Jihae performing at the party. Courtesy of BLK DNM.

Liza Thorn and Richard Phillips. Courtesy of BLK DNM.

Michael Avedon. Courtesy of BLK DNM.