Blue Ivy Made All the Tall Men Bow Down at the Lakers Game

Bey’s impact.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Blue Ivy Carter, like any other respectable child of a former NBA team owner, knows that ball is life.

Or so it would appear, since she attended the Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night with her dad.

Carter and Jay-Z had a father-daughter moment at the Staples Center (with 2 Chainz, too, for some reason). Wearing a custom oversize denim jacket that read “Blue Is My Name” on the back, a graphic tee crop top, and a pair of Fendi boots, the 8-year-old Billboard Hot 100 artist looked all grown up as she sat courtside for the big event, outshining her dad.

Her mom, Beyoncé, wasn’t at the game, but you have to imagine that the eldest Carter child must have taken some notes from her mother’s boundary-pushing courtside style. We’ll call it Bey’s impact.

And after the Lakers beat the Clippers, Carter got a little bit starstruck when she walked up to LeBron James, as one probably does when meeting one of the biggest superstars in the entire NBA. She went up to the Lakers player only to try to ask her dad to talk to him for her, but Jay-Z, a former minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, wasn’t having any of that. Instead, he encouraged his daughter to speak up to the ball player and ask for what she came to the Staples Center for: a basketball signed by James.

James graciously replied, telling her he’d get her an autographed basketball within 24 hours. “I got you,” he told Carter after she asked him if he could sign a ball. “By the time you get out of school on Monday, you’ll have it.”

Listen, when you show up serving at a Lakers game, you’d better be able to come home with at least one souvenir.

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