Do you epitomize your New York neighborhood? I mean, really embody it? As in, smelling like it? There’s only one way to learn whether you truly are where you live, and that’s by stopping by the Bond No. 9 counter at Saks Fifth Avenue. This coming Thursday, August 16th the Bond girls (and guy) and I will be hosting 20-minute fragrance consultations with the brand that has mastered the art of encapsuling “eaux” for every “ood” (that’s my French slang for “’hood.”) and landmark. You want to know if they’re spot on? All I can say is, my favorite is The Scent of Peace, created for the United Nations, which is in my neighborhood. But fragrance is also about aspiration. You might not live on Gramercy Park, but…you see where I’m going with this. The best part? Proceeds from each $30 donation go to the wonderful Look Good...Feel Better foundation, which has been helping women battling cancer well, look good and feel better. Schedule your appointment now. (866-395-5665, appointments available from 12pm-7pm.)

Illustration: Alexandra Compain-Tissier; products: courtesy of Bond No. 9