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Further proof that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are beginning to mend fences following the September announcement of their divorce and the messy rumors of discord that followed: E! News reports that Pitt recently took several trips to Cambodia with Jolie and their six children while the actress was filming and promoting her new Netflix project First They Killed My Father in the country.

One source told E! that Pitt visited Cambodia often, except when his shooting schedule conflicted. A second source said the former couple's kids spent time there with Pitt, in addition to "some or all" of the brood traveling back to Los Angeles to be with their dad.

"All through production and filming, and on her most recent press trip, Brad came to Cambodia in secret to spend time with the kids," said the source. "They were with Angelina for probably 75 percent of the time when Brad was in the country and they'd go back and forth between her and Brad. ...He wasn't in Cambodia the entire time they filmed, but he made multiple trips there to spend time with the kids."

Jolie has been an activist in Cambodia for years, and she adopted her first child, Maddox, from an orphanage in the nation in 2002. First They Killed My Father, which centers on the struggles of Cambodia under the government of the Cambodian Communist Party, the Khmer Rouge, in the 1970s, will also reportedly be Maddox's first producer credit.

See, their divorce is now as near perfect as a divorce can be. The hiring of a private judge to handle the divorce proceedings has reportedly relieved much of the tension between the pair and helped keep unsavory details of the split private.

Meanwhile, the couple have also recently taken time to hone their individual passions. In addition to returning to the screen (this time, the small kind) in the Netflix film War Machine, Pitt has taken up sculpture, according to the Daily Mail. Jolie is planning her triumphant return to film in front of the camera, while also taking time to enrich young minds as a lecturer at the London School of Economics.

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