Attention Shoppers

Bomoda founder Brian Buchwald is translating western luxury for a credit card carrying Chinese audience


It’s been estimated that by 2015, China will consume roughly 20 percent of global luxury products. But don’t think that that nation’s chicest shoppers can be sold on just any old designer handbag. “Chinese women do a staggering amount of fashion research,” explains Brian Buchwald, a founder of the online fashion newsletter Bomoda. Using critical data collected from some 150,000 subscribers, Bomoda tailors weekly trend roundups, designer interviews, and global city guides to transform item-focused consumers into world-class shoppers. What to wear to brunch in Honolulu? An Equipment blouse and a pair of Givenchy sandals. “It’s all about empowering these women to express themselves,” says Buchwald, “rather than just buying the world’s most visible brands.”

Photo: courtesy of the subject