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"Finish this sentence: 'I want to live in a world where...'"

Actress Brie Larson posted the uplifting prompt on Twitter Wednesday, encouraging her fans to share their visions for a better world. The request was simple, and the answers were varied—and there were many of them. As of Friday afternoon, over 1,600 people had replied.

Larson, who has made her disdain for Donald Trump clear on multiple occasions, retweeted some of her favorite responses, some of which were in clear opposition to his administration's policies. "Facts matter," read one response. "Where Earth is respected and protected," read another. "Bisexuality is seen as valid and not greedy and indecisive," said one more. Larson did not answer the prompt herself, but she did tweet her support for Planned Parenthood the same day.

Although most of the responses were positive, Larson stepped in when one interloping bro tried to diminish a young woman's claim that her schoolmates objectify and sexualize her. "I am not treated like an object and sexualised by my peers at school just because I am a girl," read one response. "That doesn't happen in today's world women are the most privileged in today's world stop with this s---," responded a man. "Quick reminder that a woman expressing their struggles in life doesn't diminish yours as a man," Larson responded. "My dude, if you want a better world for yourself as a man, it starts with basic respect for other people," she continued.

Larson has made bold political statements in the past, from seemingly refusing to applaud Casey Affleck when she presented him with the Oscar for Best Actor to wearing red on International Women's Day in support of A Day Without a Woman, a movement organized by the team behind the Women's March.

Here, some more inspiring responses that Brie Larson retweeted.

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