Dining Chez Schnabel

Bruce High Quality Foundation toasts the Guerilla Girls and Phil and Shelley Aarons.

Guerrilla Girls BroadBand Waris Ahluwalia

On Tuesday evening, Bruce High Quality Foundation threw their annual fundraiser at Palazzo Chupi, Julian Schnabel’s West Village home. Over a lethal combination of margaritas, champagne, and tacos, the non-profit toasted two of its long-time supporters. First up, super collectors Phil and Shelley Aarons received the Lifesaver Award, which Phil donned for his acceptance speech. “It’s the talented and beautiful people in this room that make these things possible,” said Shelley, referring to friends in the crowd like Anne Pasternak, Bob Colacello, and RoseLee Goldberg. The evening’s next honorees were the Guerilla Girls, who received booming applause before handing the mic to Christies’ Sara Friedlander, the evening’s auctioneer. Frenzying the crowd to up the ante on works by Will Cotton and Cindy Sherman, Friedlander’s performance stole the show. Whether it was raising money for BHQF’s free arts university or the dessert of tequila shots, everyone left feeling warm and fuzzy.

Photos: Dining Chez Schnabel

Guerrilla Girls BroadBand and Waris Ahluwalia. Photo by

Vito Schnabel. Photo by

Bill High Quality Fund fundraising dinner. Photo by

Bob Colacello, Sydie Lansing, and Vito Schnabel. Photo by

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Palazzo Chupi. Photo by

Phil Aarons Shelley Fox Aarons. Photo by

Guerrilla Girls BroadBand. Photo by

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Will Cotton, Sara Friedlander, and Rose Dergan. Photo by

Will Cotton and Rose Dergan. Photo by

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