[#image: /photos/585387a7e3d613c03e1ebc57]||||||We were so taken by the absurdity of last week’s “Sacco-Richman” event at SoHo House (see our earlier post “Sacco A Ping-Pong No Show”) that we figured we should ask Sacco herself what she thought of it. (Society blog guestofaguest.com, for one, was duped by the tournie’s gag title.)

As it turns out, Bungalow 8’s founding babe was not at all pleased to hear about the table tennis tournament she supposedly co-hosted with personal injury lawyer Eric Richman. “I have no idea who he is and I wasn’t even invited, I don’t know what he’s up to—what’s the joke? I don’t get the joke,” she said when we reached her in London. “It’s just weird for someone to throw your name in for no reason, who really doesn’t know me. He’s not in my phone book.”

Richman’s shenanigans, however, might have given Sacco a few ideas. “If I was going to have a tournament, it would be air hockey,” she quipped. “If Virgin Airways or American wants to sponsor my air hockey tournaments—I’m a champion air hockey player.”

Photo montage: Sasha Filimonov
Photos: Table Tennis player: Ryuhei Shindo/Corbis; Sacco: Shawn Ehlers/wireimage