Camila Mendes Seemingly Confirms Relationship With Riverdale Co-Star Charles Melton

Commence the “Riverdale” fan freakout.

Riverdale fans are in overdrive after Camila Mendes posted a pretty cozy Instagram with costar Charles Melton over the weekend that seemingly confirmed the rumors that the pair are dating.

The ‘gram in question appeared on Mendes’s feed on Sunday. In the picture, Melton is seen kissing her forehead, with his arm loosely hung around her shoulders. Mendes, in turn, has her arm around his waist, and her face is scrunched up in a sweet smile.

Perhaps more telling than the photo itself is the caption. “Mine,” Mendes wrote alongside the pic.

To say that a freakout soon commenced in Mendes’s comments would be an understatement. “Blow up the whole internet why don’t you,” one fan wrote jokingly. Another described the picture as “what we’ve been waiting for,” while others simply expressed their excitement in a flurry of heart emojis and exclamation points. Even actor Tommy Dorfman weighed in on the picture, writing: “WE OFFICIAL YAS.”

Fans soon took their joy to Twitter. “Charles Melton and Camila Mendes just broke the internet,” one person tweeted. “I’ve decided to stan forever,” another wrote.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if either young actor concretely confirm their relationship status. But from the photo and corresponding caption, it seems as though the two actors are pretty happy. Also probably pretty happy: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. Just imagine the double dates.