Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Call For Peace

Cara Delevingne made a rare comment on her relationship with Ashley Benson via Instagram, after rumors surfaced that Benson could be dating G-Eazy.

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It’s only been days since many fans of the relationship between Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson began reeling about the prospect of an alleged breakup.

Many relationships will survive this lockdown, and many won’t. Delevingne and Benson aren’t the first celebrity couple to allegedly breakup during quarantine (that would probably be Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler), nor will they be the last. A couple of months ago, all seemed to be going well, as the two were spotted quarantining with Kaia Gerber and Tommy Dorfman in Los Angeles, but it seems that the relationship may be over, and Benson could be dating rapper G-Eazy.

But while the details of their relationship have yet to be officially confirmed or denied, there is one thing both of them want everyone to do—leave it alone.

It is a bit rare for either of them to address their relationship publicly (save for the time Delevingne acknowledged the paparazzi photos taken of her with Benson as they carried a recently purchased “sex bench” into their home, or when she confirmed the relationship in the first place with an Instagram post during Pride Month last year). When paparazzi photos of Benson and G-Eazy made the rounds, the rumor mill started churning, and people had a lot to say about the breakup and quick turnaround with the rapper.

Are Benson and G-Eazy dating just because they were spotted out in L.A. together (sans masks) sneaking a kiss? It’s possible. But we may never know for sure because Delevingne took to her Instagram Story to urge people to stop sending hate to Benson about the entire situation. “You don’t know the truth, only her and I do and that’s exactly how it should be,” the supermodel wrote.

Image courtesy of @caradelevingne.

If this is confirmation of an official reason to pour one out for a celebrity breakup in quarantine, we’ll never know, but Benson re-posted the snap to her own Instagram Story with a heart emoji and a tag for Delevingne, so at least solace can be found in the fact that they both appear to be on good terms.

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