Cara Delevingne Finally Acknowledged That “Sex Bench” She Carried with Ashley Benson

The sex-positive supermodel is unashamed.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Despite being rumored girlfriends for months, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson only very recently confirmed their relationship status to the public. In June, Delevingne was awarded with the Trevor Project’s Hero Award for being outspoken with regards to mental health and LGBTQ rights. It was then that she decided to open up about dating Benson for the past year.

But roughly a month before that confirmation, Delevingne and Benson were spotted carrying a package that sort of broke the Internet, or at least various niche social circles on Twitter. At the end of May, paparazzi snapped photographs of the couple carrying a package called a “Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine,” or sex bench, as it’s become popularly known. There is obviously a whole world of sex toys out there (just ask Gwyneth Paltrow), but these two really had a lot of people googling, “What is a dicktator,” or “What is a sex bench,” and some blogs naturally jumped on the bandwagon and wrote up a few how-to pieces for those interested in the bondage equipment. Some may have considered it a Pride Month miracle, but neither Delevingne nor Benson made any comment on the leather sex toy with a $384 list price at the time. At the time, Just Jared reported that sources said that the bench was supposedly a gag gift for a friend.

Anyway, nearly three months after the photographs began circulating, Delevingne has finally broken her silence on the sex bench. In her cover interview with Marie Claire, the question of the machine naturally came up, and the supermodel conceded that as sex-positive as she may be, by purchasing that particular piece of erotic furniture, she was “definitely not on purpose” trying to educate Americans about the term “sex bench.” And she may have rolled her eyes at the mention of the bench, but it’s clear that Delevingne remains unashamed of her sexuality. “I’m not just talking about sex for sex. I’m talking about experience, whether it’s abuse or confusion, positive or negative,” she told Marie Claire.

In any case, the sex bench is probably not the most eccentric piece of furniture Delevingne owns. She made note of her “favorite thing in the world,” which is being able to both pee and talk at the same time with another person, made possible by the side-by-side pair of toilets she installed in her London house. That’s both romantic and a Saturday Night Live sketch from the ’90s.

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