Less than a week after returning to the catwalk in Milan, and just a few weeks before appearing alongside a very Courtney Love–like Elisabeth Moss in the film Her Smell, Cara Delevingne has revisited another of her many pursuits: making music. Having already been featured on St. Vincent's last album, her latest musical outing is on the British DJ and producer Shy FX's new single, "Rudeboy Lovesong," which has a reggae beat, a cameo from the DJ and reggae singer Sweetie Irie, and Delevingne backing Shy FX on the chorus.

It's unclear how Delevingne knows either DJ, but they do have at least one friend in common: Shy FX collaborated with Lily Allen last year. He seemed more than happy to stick with Delevingne's practice of providing a visual accompaniment to her song-making, seeing as he released a music video featuring Delevingne on Monday night. (She dropped her first music video, for a song that was featured on the soundtrack of Valerian, back in July 2017.)

This time around, Delevingne shows up handcuffed in an endless white expanse of dystopia, where she's joined by the model Ben Cawley and, for reasons unknown, a giant iguana that soon encircles her. Eventually, she manages to get her hands free, only to start yelling upon discovering that she's separated from Cawley by a wall of glass.

Iguanas aside, overall, it's quite similar in tone to Delevingne's last music video, in which she plays a homeless drifter soliciting change and getting high. Together, they suggest that Delevingne is heading in a new direction with her musical career—at least since her cameo on St. Vincent's song "Pills," which featured her singing, "Pills to grow, pills to shrink, pills, pills, pills and a good stiff drink/Pills to fuck, pills to eat, pills, pills, pills down the kitchen sink" under the pseudonym Kid Monkey.

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