Carbon38’s Co-Founders Work Out in Style

Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak share their secrets to success.

Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson

When it comes to luxe workout wear, Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak’s e-commerce site Carbon38 is a one-stop shop. Not only do they stock an in-house brand, but they also offer lines like Adidas by Stella Mccartney, Repetto, and Alala. Amidst running their empire and keeping in shape (dressed for success, of course), the site’s co-founders break down their personal styles, their favorite classes, and how to look good while working out.

Define your style in three words: Caroline Gogolak: Athletic, feminine, sophisticated. Katie Warner Johnson: Elegant, stretchy and efficient.

Daily uniform in the gym: CG: Michi black stardust leggings by Michi, Alala zip back bra, This is First Base muscle tee, and Carbon38 Thallium Printed Parka. KWJ: C38 Sprint Leggings, Michi Bionic Bra, Olympia Petra Tank, Nike Flyknits, FitBit and waterproof Armani mascara (because you never know who is looking…)

And IRL: KWJ: The same thing as my gym uniform #workouttonightout #ilovemyjob

Your secret to looking great during/after a workout: CG: I do the Tracy Anderson Method 5-6 days a week. It clears my head. I believe working out does more than just maintain a good physique. It is mediation through movement. The sweat helps me detox. I also love to eat good food, so I workout so I can have my chocolate – I have such a sweet tooth. KWJ: Blow Pro “faux dry” dry shampoo—it amps volume and wicks sweat for a beachy tousle that’s date-worthy.

Your favorite things on the site right now: CG: We just launched our own label and are introducing apres gym-wear such as a dress, blazer and anorak. I’m living in my anorak. I wear it over leggings to meetings and it’s the perfect travel piece. It keeps me warm but is wrinkle free so perfect on the long flights to L.A. KWJ: The C38 Thalium Printed Parka.

The key to getting motivated for a workout: CG: A good outfit! I have honestly been in the best shape of my life because my outfit gets me out of bed for my early morning workouts. KWJ: The perfect outfit, of course! I also set three alarms.

Favorite finishing touches: CG: My accessory is my afternoon kombucha. I love the brand Health-Ade and the pink lady flavor is sweet but with no added sugar. KWJ: Santal 33 fragrance (it smells like cowboys) and Cowshed Chamomile Refreshing Toner.

Nighttime look: CG: I have to be honest. I wear Spiritual Gangster t shirts and sweat pants. Totally not sexy. I have to apologize to my husband. KWJ: RTA leather leggings, Michi Jager Top, a great pair of heels and solid sparkly earrings

Best recent discoveries: CG: Paintbox—my favorite nail art spot in NYC. The artwork is really sophisticated and modern. KWJ: I am late to the game, but I can’t get enough of Gwyneth’s It’s All Good cookbook. EVERY recipe is better than the next.

Lusting after: CG: The Mr. and Mrs. Italy Parka in all black. I love the coyote fur on the inside and military canvas on the outside is fun but practical. KWJ: Batimore artist Linda Depalma’s Ginko Branch. It will hang in a place of honor on my livingroom wall as soon as I get my hands on it!

Workout style pet peeve: CG: T-shirts you can’t knot. I love tying mine on the side or in the back. KWJ: Ratty gym shorts and the ripped tee look is out.

Favorite workouts: CG: Tracy Anderson Method (all trainers!), Y7 Yoga. KWJ: Mary Miller’s class at Studio (MDR) in Marina Del Ray, Lindsay Foreman’s class Yoga Flow on Union Street in SF, any teacher at the Fhitting Room in NYC.

Style icons: CG: Angelina Jolie. KWJ: Lauren Hutton. I am a sucker for big pants.

Fall must-haves: CG: Varley marble leggings in white, Isabel Marant Crisi Ankle Boot, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Moncler poncho. KWJ: The Blanc Noir Drape Sweater Coat.

What’s always in your bag: CG: An extra t-shirt, sunglasses, one liter of Smart Water, Juice Press Game On, iphone, headphones, wallet, purell. KWJ: DuWop Lip Venom.

Photos: Carbon38’s Co-Founders Work Out in Style

Caroline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson. Courtesy of Carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.

Photo by @carbon38.