Cardi B Responds to Offset Interrupting Her Rolling Loud Set

“I just want things to die down,” she told her millions of Instagram followers.

Rolling Loud Los Angeles 2018
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It’s been nearly two weeks since Cardi B announced to her 34 million Instagram followers that she and Offset, who she welcomed a daughter with this past July, would be splitting after a little over a year of marriage. This weekend, though, Offset posted an Instagram video of his own addressing the matter, which made it clear that as far as he’s concerned, it’s far from over. “I’ve only got one birthday wish, and that’s to get my wife back,” he said on Saturday, a day after his 27th birthday. He also went on to apparently address his reported infidelity by admitting that he had been “partaking in activity that [he] shouldn’t have been [partaking] in.”

It wasn’t long, though, before it turned out Offset was far from finished. Hours after pulling the far from confrontational move of making his plea to Cardi by tagging her in his post and sharing it with his nearly 10 million Instagram followers, he decided to make his case IRL—never mind that the woman he’d been attempting to prove himself to was in the middle of her headlining set at this year’s Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles.

Cardi B with Offset, who interrupted her headlining set at Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles on December 15, 2018 with roses spelling out “TAKE ME BACK CARDI.”

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It may have not have been the most effective strategy for getting her back, but there’s no denying that Offset got Cardi’s attention when he suddenly interrupted her show on Saturday night, continuing to make his plea via the all caps message “TAKE ME BACK CARDI,” spelled out across dozens of roses. Unfortunately, in the process of getting the extremely public romantic gesture part down, he also ended up apologizing for his past disrespect in one of the most extremely publicly disrespectful ways possible—particular seeing as he also ended up stealing her moment as the first-ever woman to headline the festival.

The crowd was, naturally, split on the matter, treating Offset to a mixture of cheers and boos as he quietly spoke with Cardi, before he and his arrangements quietly made their way off the stage. Cardi, on the other hand, waited until later that night to respond, recording a video in a much more private setting that she then shared on Instagram with the caption “I appreciate all the love! But what I need most right now from my fans is support and respect.”

Rather than address Offset, she instead thanked and spoke to those who’ve been offering her their support—and politely declined their attempts to defend her. “Right, wrong, or indifferent, I don’t want people to just keep doing fuck shit, saying fuck shit. Violating my baby father is not going to make me feel any better, because at the end of the day, that’s still family,” she said. “Unfortunately, we going through things, and you know, it’s not private—it became public. And I just want things to die down. I just need time so we can see eye to eye. I can’t predict the future, I don’t know, but the whole coming at my baby father bullshit doesn’t make me feel better, and I just want to say thank you everybody for respecting my wishes.”

A couple of hours later, though, there were enough people not respecting her wishes that Cardi felt compelled to post yet another video on Instagram. “I see a lot of people bashing me because they feeling that I’m defending ‘my baby father,’ that I’m getting back together with him. I’m not saying that I’m getting back together with him. I just don’t like that bashing online thing,” she said.

Cardi then went on to reference the Instagram that Pete Davidson had posted earlier that day before deleting his account, saying that he “really [doesn’t] want to be on this earth anymore.” While Davidson did not elaborate on why, Cardi reasoned that it was because “mad people be coming at him every single day,” adding that she doesn’t want her “baby father” to find himself in that same scenario.

“I know how painful it is when you have millions of people bashing you every single day. I don’t like that, and it doesn’t make me feel any better, period,” she concluded. If Offset has responded, he’s apparently also trying his hand at having a dialogue out of the public sphere.

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