Celine Dion Really Doesn’t Want Drake to Get a Tattoo of Her Face

From one Canadian to another.

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Brian Rasic

Drake has a history of inking images of his favorite singers onto his body. He’s flaunted his multiple tattoos of Sade in the past, and has talked about adding to his collection with Celine Dion. In 2016, Drake let Dion know what he was planning, saying that he was about a “year away” from getting a Celine tattoo on his torso. She didn’t think it was a good idea at the time, and apparently hasn’t changed her mind since.

In a new interview with iHeartRadio Canada, Dion had a message for her fellow Canadian. “Please, Drake, I love you very much,” Dion said about the potential ink. “Can I tell you something? Don’t do that.”

Instead, Dion offered Drizzy some alternative options for proving his devotion. “You can write me love letters. You can send me autographs for my kids. You can come and visit. I can have you home for lunch or dinner,” she said. “We can go for a drink. We can sing together. Whatever you want to do. I can talk to your mother. Whatever you want, but please.”

Dion also reminded Drake that tattoos—unlike rock-hard abs—last forever. “The thing I want to say to you, all of us here, we’re going forward in life,” she said. “I’ve always been very thin. As time goes, as you go older, you too when times comes my face will go longer and it will go not prettier. Please don’t tattoo. If you do it, just do a fake one.”

Your move, Drake.

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