Meet Karl Lagerfeld’s New Boys

Five rookies who walked in Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2016 show.

Adrian Page

In addition to Karl Lagerfeld‘s usual gaggle of gorgeous male models, including Baptiste Giabiconi, Sebastien Jondeau, Brad Kroenig (and his adorable son Hudson), there were five fresh new faces at the Chanel Pre-Fall Spring 2016 show, held in Rome. Despite the fact some had never been on a runway before, these guys are set to be stars. Lagerfeld knows a pretty face when he sees one.

Adrian Page

Handle: @hadriendm

Fun Fact: He’s a French rapper/DJ with a bookish boho look.

Hamilton Seguin

Handle: @hamiltons8

Fun Fact: His girlfriend, Allison Millar, is also a model.

Valentin Cuvecle

Handle: @valentincvl

Fun Fact: Valentin has modeled for Valentino.

Kristof Baranyi

Handle: @kristof.b

Fun Fact: This was his first ever show. Not a bad place to start.

Andreas Holm

Fun Fact: No Instagram!

Photo courtesy Elite Copenhagen.

Photos: Meet Karl Lagerfeld’s New Boys

Adrian Page. Photo courtesy Chanel.

Andreas Holm. Photo courtesy Chanel.

Valentin Cuvecle. Photo courtesy Chanel.

Hamilton Seguin. Photo courtesy Chanel.

Kristof Baranyi. Photo courtesy Chanel.