On Pointe

W‘s beauty director meets Chanel’s newest scent.

Chanel Misia

It’s no secret that most makeup is scented, but a fragrance meant to smell like makeup? That’s a first. The brew, called Misia, is the latest in Chanel’s les Exclusifs collection, and marks the debut of the house’s new perfumer Olivier Polge, who took over from his father, Jacques. “Misia Sert was the woman who introduced Gabrielle Chanel to Serge Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes,” Polge says of the name. “I wanted to capture the smell of the blushes and lipsticks the dancers used, so the main note is violet.” Polge upped the floral factor with May and Turkish roses, as well as iris. The combination might smell familiar to Chanel devotees. “They’re the same powdery notes that are in No. 5,” explains Polge, who used a lower concentration for a breezier vibe. “But tonka bean adds an almondy warmth.”