Cher and Future Sing “Everyday People” in New Gap Ad About Inclusivity

The Queen of Auto-Tune meets her match.

cher future gap.jpg
The Gap

Cher and Future might sound like two names that don’t belong together in the same sentence but, below the surface, the two aren’t dissimilar. Aside from their mutual love of Auto-Tune, they’re both trailblazers in their respective genres and exceptionally adept at social media. Now they have one more thing in common: the pair star together in a new ad for Gap.

In the 30-second clip, Cher and Future duet to the tune of Sly & the Family Stone’s 1969 hit “Everyday People” while showcasing their personal style. For Cher, that means wearing jeans with peep toe heels, a white tank and a bomber jacket with her long locks flowing. Meanwhile, Future opts for a double denim look with high-tops and a white button-down. You’d be forgiven for focusing more on the pair’s actual singing though, which hopefully leads to future collaborations.

One more reason to love the ad: it’s centered around inclusivity. “I love the idea of ‘Meet Me in the Gap’ because it’s easy to have common ground if you are really open and curious to people from different cultures,” Cher said in a statement. “I didn’t know who Future was before this but I knew it would be so fun to work with someone who is completely unlike me, and who is young, really talented and striving.”

Future also spoke to the ad’s theme, saying in a statement, “There was a great dynamic when working with Cher and we felt like we were doing something so much bigger than the two of us. Gap is not only bringing two cultures together but bringing everyone together through the music and the style. It’s really about everyday people.”

So far, Gap has been living up to its commitment to inclusivity. The brand’s “Bridging the Gap” campaign was one of the most diverse of the year with its casting of nine people of color out of 10, which contributed to this fall being a record-breaking one for print fashion ads.

While the “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign is Future’s first, the rapper already had ties to Gap. His adorable son Baby Future with his ex Ciara appeared in a back to school campaign for Gap earlier this year, with Future posting on Twitter about it. Good genes clearly run in the family.