Wait, How Is Cher’s Mom Possibly 92 Years Old?

Cher is getting into the “screen printing memes on merch” business, and her mom is the hypebeast model.

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We’ve all come to the consensus that Cher is an icon, of course, but have we possibly overlooked the fact that the woman who birthed her is an icon too?

Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, is an established singer and actress in her own right—she has performed on the talk shows of yesteryear hosted by Merv Griffin and Dinah Shore, played bit parts on I Love Lucy, and as recently as 2014 she appeared as herself as a guest judge for RuPaul’s Drag Race. Like her daughter, she is her own superstar, and at 92 years old, she looks better than many of those who are decades her junior. Holt also appears to be just as playful as Cher, who often shares photos of her mom on her Twitter when she’s not too busy firing off criticisms of the Trump administration.

It would appear that Cher is getting into the “screen printing memes on merch” business, and her mom is the hypebeast model. Case in point: Earlier today, the 2018 Kennedy Center honoree posted a photo of Holt “playing around” with a pair of her old sunglasses and a sparkly red jacket that once belonged to her. Cher’s mom looks incredibly spritely in the photo, posing with a bright smile for the camera, but the most spirited and iconic part of the captured moment is her personalized T-shirt. One could assume that Cher—the arbiter of Christmas merch, or “swag” as she calls it—was at the helm of Holt’s shirt, which is screen printed with a meme including photos of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg announcing their respective technological and entrepreneurial impacts on the globe (Apple for Jobs, Microsoft for Gates, Facebook for Zuckerberg), paired with a photo of Holt and text that reads, “Bitch Please, I Made CHER!!” It could be said, given the contents of this photo Cher tweeted, that Holt really is a cool mom.

Who needs an entire Broadway musical based on their existence to promote their talents when they have a mother who proudly wears her homemade merch? Those Silicon Valley bros and their tech inventions truly have got nothing on Cher’s mom and the birth of an American icon.

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