Chloe Gosselin Laces Up

The French model-turned-designer launches an artful shoe collection.

Chloe Gosselin

As a child, the French footwear designer Chloe Gosselin, 30, spent hours sketching shoes, but she never thought she’d make a career out of it. Instead, painting became her passion; so she enrolled at La Cambre, a visual arts school in Brussels. While there, she took another detour when her fashion-focused classmates asked her to walk in their runway shows, leading to a decade-long modeling career. Finally, last year, Gosselin, who lives in Las Vegas with her fiancé, the illusionist David Copperfield, decided to retrace her steps: After honing her craft at Ars Sutoria in Milan, she launched a line of artfully constructed shoes. Her spring collection, inspired by the deep sea, features a range of strappy sandals crafted from brightly colored mesh, suede, and snakeskin. “I love to play with textures and colors,” she says. “I mix them together like I would in a painting.”

Chloe Gosselin Spring 2015. Courtesy of the designer.