Chrissy Teigen, the (still?) darling of Celebrity Twitter, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, darling of Political Twitter (and Spanish Twitter and Dancing Twitter), are teaming up to eat pizza and watch The Grammys. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, surely a darling to many people, will also be there.

Teigen, who like much of the country was taken with Ocasio-Cortez' viral takedown of campaign finance laws, tweeted directly at the freshman congresswoman, writing, "@AOC hello my hero, do you wanna come over and watch the grammys with us? there will be pizza" To sweeten the deal, Ferguson replied, "She can have my portion!" Aww, sharing food! It's like Medicare For All, but with pizza, and also, not really at all like Medicare For All. Teigen used Ferguson's answer to assure Ocasio-Cortez that their hangout would be regular and Not Weird: "Jesse will [be] here! help me!! tell her we are normal"

Two hours later, they got a response: "yes! we can live-tweet me burning something in the kitchen." Relatable, but if you've been following Ocasio-Cortez for a while, you know that she often prepares meals while talking about policy on Instagram Live, so we bet she can watch an awards show without starting a fire. (Or as some right-wing cable network might report it, "LEFTIST CORTEZ LIES ABOUT COOKING ABILITY, THREATENS TO BURN DOWN BELOVED MODEL'S HOME!!!") Their burgeoning friendship also has in common the fact that they just stopped having f--- to give some time ago, especially on social media.

Anyway, Teigen replied, "perfect! we have extremely different strengths except I still sometimes burn things."

Remains to be seen whether this get-together actually happens, but if it does, is there a way we can tune into watch their conversation, live? The Grammys happen every year; this is special.

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