Cleo Wade Recommends Baths with Baking Soda

The artist and poet shares this, plus more of her beauty secrets, here.

Burberry and W magazine

A public works advocate dedicated to climate change, race equality, and female empowerment, New York-based artist and poet Cleo Wade has a lot on her plate. When she’s not penning her latest verse, the 27-year-old wordsmith can be seen frequenting fashion shows, or carousing around Greenwich Village. Here, the bohemian belle shares her beauty tricks.

Favorite healthy on-the-go snack? I live in New York City across the street from the farmer’s market in Tompkins Square Park. So whenever I am in New York, I pick up local fruit and veggies and make batches of smoothies for the week. It’s the best thing to pop into a jar and keep in your bag if you are running around the city all day.

Favorite snack while writing? My favorite sweet treat in the whole world are the Chocbites by the company Upcakes. You can only get them in London so I have to to sneak them in my luggage whenever I visit. There is usually a little tin of them on my writing desk – if I am lucky.

Three things that are always in your bag… Lavender oil, Post-it notes, a black LePen.

Favorite spa-cation? Glenmere Spa in Hudson Valley is so serene, especially in the winter.

Sunscreen of choice to protect you from the hot summer days ahead? Dermalogica has great sunscreen and I love that the company is founded and owned by a woman.

What is your go-to lip savior? I dab a little olive oil on my lips whenever I cook and it seems to do the trick.

Best workout to let off some steam and clear your head? Kundalini Yoga at Golden Bridge. My favorite teacher is Swarenpal, and she inspires a lot of my work. Pretty much all of my friends go to her too.

Secret to a good summer hair day? Embrace it. There is no way to not have crazy hair when it is humid. Enjoy the crazy.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out? I put a little black cumin seed oil in my water, it is an anti inflammatory oil. It helps with my skin allergies. Also I think it is more about what you don’t put in your body rather than what you do. If you have a lot of sugar, dairy, and meat hanging out in there you’re going to feel pretty low energy.

Best-kept beauty secret or trick? My best-kept beauty secret is to love your “flaws.” When you accept yourself it is easier to celebrate yourself. For example, I have crooked teeth…so I smile all of the time!

Best way to relax and unwind after a busy day? I love taking baths. They are not only better for the environment because they waste less water but if you put a bit of baking soda in there while you soak, it will get rid of literally any blemish on your body or face.

Favorite restaurant for a night on the town with your girls? Café Clover. I am so excited about the grocery store they are opening!

Best date spot? My favorite dates are sitting in the backyard with the New York Times and a home cooked breakfast.

Best beauty advice from mom? My mom is the chef; her idea of a facial is standing over a big pot of steaming food!

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