Consumer confidence may be low, but a motley crew of actresses and junior fashionistas did their part for the economy last week, scarfing wagyu beef carpaccio and sipping Moet at the new Hugo Boss store in the Meatpacking District. Julia Restoin-Roitfield made an appearance, as did recent London transplant Peaches Geldof (flitting about in a very abbreviated jumpsuit), while sisters Theodora and Alexandra Richards manned the DJ booth.

[#image: /photos/58538ac89c190ec57ac0893c]||||||As Shields helped herself to the mini desserts she happily talked Halloween. Her husband, she explained, will be taking the kids trick-or-treating while she's on set. The Lipstick Jungle star was eager to promote her home ec-skills. "One costume I made, the other costume I didn't," she said, pouting a bit. She said that she personally sewed the costume for her older daughter, Rowan (who's going as a dalmation), but that her younger daughter, Grier, insisted on a store-bought pink poodle ensemble. "I told her, 'I can make it, I can make it!' And she goes, 'No, no, I want that!' I got totally shafted."

Photos by Lauren Fleishman