Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s Family Christmas Photo Couldn’t Be More Charming

Aka the opposite of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s formal portrait.

Haga slott, Stockholm. December 2017.Kronprinsessparet, Prinsessan Estelle och Prins Oscar sänder en...
Photo: Raphael Stecksén / Raphael Stecksén,The Royal Court, Sweden. Images must not be sold on to or distributed to third parties. Not hand out. Not for marketing purposes. Copyright must always be stated on publication. For any questions please contact

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her family just released their 2017 holiday photograph—from their own modern-day castle, Haga Palace—and it couldn’t be more different from the one shared by Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace on Monday.

Sure, they share similarities. Both families have two children. All smile. But Princess Victoria’s portrait showcases a casual, intimate family moment: the Princess was photographed with her husband Prince Daniel and their two children, one-year-old Prince Oscar and five-year-old Princess Estelle, while playing in the snow. The family are dressed in understated, weather-appropriate ensembles–and Estelle is even throwing a snowball at the camera while Oscar looks unamused. A video posted on the Swedish Royal Court’s website and on Instagram revealed that the family had been spending the day playing outside.

In contrast, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s own holiday greeting was a very formal affair, a portrait shot by Getty’s Chris Jackson. The photo, posted on Kensington Palace’s Twitter page, shows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge standing with Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2—all in pristine, blue coordinated outfits. Middleton has her hand on her lap, showing off her (also blue) sapphire engagement ring, while Prince William has his hands on his son’s shoulders. It’s sweet—and posed.

Last year, the British royals released a relaxed après-ski photograph in the French Alps in March of 2016 and sent out a more candid shot from when the family of four were visiting Victoria, B.C.

Soon, however, they’ll be a family of five when they’ll welcome their third child in April—just a month before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s highly anticipated wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19. Mark your calendars, if you haven’t already.

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