Daily Gem: Sevan Bicakci’s Magical Cuff-Ring

Sevan Bicakci’s one-of-a-kind cuff-ring, handmade from 24k gold and sterling silver with white, champagne and black diamonds, price upon request; for sale by appointment at ViewPoint, New York;; 800.237.9477. While on vacation in...


While on vacation in Istanbul several years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Turkish jeweler Sevan Bicakci and his creative director Emre Dilaver at their small office and workshop. By now they have moved to a larger space and opened a boutique in the Akaretler district of Istanbul. Known for his elaborately carved and jeweled rings, Bicakci’s treasures are truly magical. The exotic beauty I’m wearing in this photo is one of his newest pieces that, Dilaver tells me, was inspired by Turkish mythology and the “symbolism of snakes as the bridge between the upper and lower worlds.” He also says it pays homage to Istanbul’s ancient Snake Column, a city monument from the Fourth Century that depicts a trio of intertwined serpents. Apart from us, Tory Burch is also a big Bicakci fan. “I love that each piece is unique and has a story behind it,” she says. “Whenever I wear one of his rings people always ask me where it’s from.”