Charlize Theron Goes to a Dark Place

With the help of “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn.

Charlize Theron

What: Apothic Wines and Svedka Vodka hosted the Los Angeles premiere of A24 and DIRECTV’s “Dark Places.”

When: Tuesday, July 21st

Where: Harmony Gold, a theater in Los Angeles, rolled out the red carpet.

Who: The film’s stars Charlize Theron and Christina Hendricks were joined by author Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame), screen legend Sophia Loren, musicians Moby and Sky Ferreira, and fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Why: Theron looked as light and sunny as ever in a pretty pink-and-yellow pastel dress.

Photos: Charlize Theron Goes to a Dark Place

Charlize Theron. Photo by Getty Images.

Christina Hendricks. Photo by Getty Images.

Sophia Loren. Photo by Getty Images.

Liv Mathis. Photo by Getty Images.

Zoe Lister-Jones. Photo by Getty Images.