First there was BB cream. Then came CC. Now, there’s, well, do we even need to spell it out? At the end of May, Julep launches DD Crème and DD Concealer—the first DDs we’ve heard about in the US.

While BB typically stand for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm” and CC is usually short for “color correction,” Julep is billing DD Crème as a “dynamic do-all”: SPF 25, primer, moisturizer, anti-aging agent, and coverage in four shades. DD Concealer, meanwhile, will “disguise & diminish” with light-diffusing brighteners and antioxidants in three tones.

Is there anything about the formulas that make them dramatically different from a BB or CC? Not really. They’re all basically tinted moisturizers, but with treatment ingredients, high SPF, and more coverage.

So while we wait to hear whisperings of a zit-zapping ZZ cream, you can pre-order the DD Crème and Concealer now. Bonus points to whoever comes up with the best suggestion for what XX cream will do.