Delvaux Deluxe

The Belgian brand celebrates its new flagship in France.

Michele Lamy and Rick Owens

What: A celebration for Delvaux’s first Parisian flagship.

When: Friday, September 26th

Where: Galerie du Palais Royal in Paris.

Who: It girls Melusine Ruspoli, Candela Novembre, Chloe Perrin, Jeanne Damas, and Zoe Felix were joined by designers, such as Carven’s Guillaume Henry and Rick Owens, as well as art world stars, like gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin and photographer Roxanne Lowit, at the store’s splendid bash.

Why: There’s no better time to shop for a new luxury bag than during Paris Fashion Week.

Photos: Delvaux Deluxe

Guillaume Henry, Christina Zeller, and Eric Chevallier. Photo by

Jeanne Dumas. Photo by

Michele Lamy and Rick Owens. Photo by Stéphane Feugère.

Zoe Felix. Photo by

Melusine Ruspoli and Yi Zhou. Photo by

Anne Sophie Mignaux and Emmanuel Perrotin. Photo by

Paolo Stella and Candela Novembre. Photo by

Mia Moretti. Photo by

Hugo Matha and a guest. Photo by

Hedieh Loubier and Chloe Perrin. Photo by

Tiziano Vudafieri, Jean Bechameil, and Martine Feipel. Photo by