Drake Commissioned a $400,000 Diamond-Encrusted iPhone Case

It's encrusted with diamonds.


Drake is giving “Hotline Bling” a new but quite literal meaning. That’s because the rapper has commissioned an iPhone case that is dripping in diamonds—so many, in fact, that it costs $400,000.

For almost half a million dollars, Drake will soon be able to check his feed on an iPhone X that is encased in 18k white gold, dotted with blue diamonds and topped with a OVO owl logo that has diamonds for eyes. Jeweler Jason Arasheben revealed these details to High Snobiety and shared photos of it on Instagram, writing, “Because we can’t do basic! Diamond iPhone case cover for our friend @champagnepapi ??????.”

What he didn’t add was any answers to the many lingering questions about this iPhone case. Like, do you take a phone that expensive with you to the bathroom or just leave it on your restaurant table when you go? Speaking of germs, can you use those antibacterial wipes on it? What happens when you drop it? Or put it in your pocket next to your keys? Does Drake even carry keys? Will he still be able to use his phone next to the pool he has that he is so concerned about being definitely bigger than Kanye’s pool? (Back in 2014 he also said of his pool at his YOLO estate, “I’m obsessed with, like, residential pools. One of my goals in life is to have the biggest residential pool on the planet.”)

Shockingly Drake’s blue-diamond iPhone X case for $400,000 isn’t even the most expensive phone case someone can buy. Coincidentally, a Canadian jewelry designer named Anita Mai Tan makes the most expensive case in the world—at least for now. The case in question also has a base of 18k white gold and is decked out in diamonds: a total of 32 that cover 75 percent of the case. It is also adorned with a dragon that is 3D and blinking. And because whoever would buy something that expensive would presumably be the kind of person who’d want to show it off, the phone actually hangs like a necklace from a gold chain. The price? $880,000. Don’t tell Drake that it exists, though, or that the next generation of iPhone is out in seven months.