A Shaded View on Fragrance

Diane Pernet launches four scents in Paris.

Diane Pernet by Jean Luc Dupont

After years of wearing the Comme des Garçons scents Avignon and Hinoki, Diane Pernet, the legendary veiled fashion critic and founding fashion blogger behind A Shaded View on Fashion, finally has a perfume she can call her own. Working in collaboration with Celso Fadelli, CEO of the perfume company Intertrade. and a nose (industry speak for a perfumer), Pernet developed four fragrances — To Be Honest, Wanted, Shaded, and In Pursuit of Magic. “To Be Honest is kind of a more spiritual side, and In Pursuit of Magic, is kind of hypnotic,” said Pernet of the Diane Pernet Paris collection scents, which launched Friday night at Joyce Gallery in Paris. “Shaded is kind of a memory of salt on your skin, which is swept away, and Wanted is very sensual, with a bit of a leather note.”

Appropriately, Pernet now only wears these fragrances of her own design, but she changes them up according to her moods. “You have different parts of your personality,” she explains, “I’m enjoying wearing different ones everyday.” As long as she has the veil, we’ll still recognize her.

Diane Pernet Paris. Photo by Michael James OBrien

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