Diego Villarreal

Alexander Wang jacket, price upon request, alexanderwang.com.

Spanish model Diego Villarreal moved to New York City a year ago and quickly fell in with the fun-loving fashion crowd. On weekends, you can find the 21-year-old dancing at Flash Factory and hanging out with Alexander Wang's "model squad," a crew that's reflected in the designer's spring campaign, where Villarreal stars alongside Molly Bair. Before that, the model was slowly picking up high-profile bookings, walking for the likes of Givenchy, Moschino and Balmain and, during New York Fashion Week, Wang's own show at Rihanna's for Puma X Fenty. All the while, he's smoking pot seven-days-a-week, but he swears it's part of his beauty routine. No wonder he gets along so well with Wang...

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is very bad. Next question.

What was it like shooting the Alexander Wang campaign with Molly Bair?
It was one of the coolest days. I ate McDonalds with Molly and then I was still so hungry after the shoot and they shot me eating M&Ms. Everyone must think I’m a f---ing fatass who just spent the whole time eating. But it was the best. I can retire now. Alexander Wang is hilarious.

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You're an aspiring photographer. Who do you look up to?
I just discovered Mapplethorpe, which is embarrassing, but he’s amazing. Also Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.

What vibe are you going for with your own photographs?
Right now, I’m really into Madonna’s “Sex” book from the '90s. Madonna is so f---ing cool. My friend showed me a YouTube video of Madonna’s eight b-tchiest moments, and it was so funny. That’s just my inspiration this week though, I don’t know what it will be next week.

What made you want to get your now-signature haircut?
That haircut was actually a huge mistake when it happened. But everyone else liked it, so it was cool. But I want to do more funny shit with my hair. I have some ideas, but I have to wait for my agency to be okay with it. Right now, they’re like ‘Please, don’t.’

And your one shaved eyebrow?
I did that when I was 12 because I thought it was hot and made me look like a drug dealer. I’m not a drug dealer, but I love drugs.

What are your beauty secrets?
Right now, I’m carrying a gallon-sized milk carton filled with water. I look homeless, but I didn’t want to buy another bottle. I do this really weird thing where I put cinnamon in my water, which nobody likes, but I think it tastes good. I also put apple cider vinegar in my water, which helps with digestion. And I drink honey — that's my thing. My three things are honey, weed, and water. Weed is also a beauty enhancer. I think. You know? If you’re stoned, I look pretty. If I’m stoned, you look pretty.

And your exercise regime?
I do these videos on YouTube, which I recommend to everyone because they’re quite easy. They’re called HASfit and it’s this Polish guy who just tells you what to do for ten minutes, and you’re sweating like a chicken afterwards.

What do you do for fun?
Lately I’ve been going to Flash Factory. It’s very fun New York kids and I love the way they dress up. My friends and I just get really drunk and dance. I also recently went to the Black Party, which is this huge gay fetish event. It was nuts and I loved it. I want to find more raves.

What music are you listening to right now?
I just discovered the rapper Eve on Pandora and I was like, 'Oh my god!'

What are you doing to do with the rest of your day?
Homework. I’m taking two online classes — my last two before I graduate. I’m studying anthropology and medieval times. I love all that shit but I have to go and write an essay, and I f---ing hate essays. So, I’m going to go write an essay about a medieval clan, then I’m going smoke, and then I’m going to go out.

If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?
Definitely a photographer.

Then why are you studying about medieval times?
My mom wanted me to.

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