La Dolce Vita

Dolce & Gabbana’s charming jewelry debut.


Over the course of their two decades in fashion, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have often found inspiration in Sicily, the southern Italian island where Dolce was born and raised. The locale has lent its name to one of their fragrances, informed their early black-lace-bedecked Sicilian-widow look, and has provided the spark for the duo’s first line of fine jewelry, debuting in Dolce & Gabbana U.S. boutiques in the spring. “We wanted a collection that was deeply linked to the inner Dolce & Gabbana soul, therefore, we could not do it without looking at Sicily,” explains Gabbana. The visual hallmarks of the island, adds Dolce, “have become symbols of our style: the contrast between the holy and the profane, crosses, rosaries, good-luck charms…” The 80-piece collection combines these motifs into a richly layered look. A yellow-, white-, and rose-gold necklace is laden with auspicious trinkets, including hearts, horseshoes, and coins. Rosaries appear in the form of yellow-gold necklaces studded with black jade and hung with crosses. And images of the Madonna are emblazoned on charms dangling from gold drop earrings and Byzantine chains. Divine, indeed.

Makeup by James Kaliardos. Hair by David von Cannon. Digital Technician: Bryan Warmkowski. Photography assistants: Michael Kristian and Tracy Morford. Model: Shannan Click at Women Management NY.