Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson in his studio.

A ten-minute phone call with Donald Robertson can be very educational. During our last one, he tossed out a fun fact about female gamers. Apparently, 41 percent of Sega gamers are women. Who knew?! Who knew people even still played Sega? So! Robertson did what he does best: he created a product, especially tailored to these women. Robertson, a longtime illustrator who now operates as a sort of über creative director at the Estée Lauder Companies, kibitzed with Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, the founders of the mega mask hit-brand Glamglow - acquired by Lauder last year - to create a number of limited-edition blue masks in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th birthday. Still with me? Sonic is Sega's most popular gaming character. And while the Sonic blues are mostly going to VIPs, Glamglow and Robertson will be handing out a batch to some lucky winners at Comic-Con this July. Robertson took a break from painting (with said blue masks) and Instagramming, where he's built a nice little audience of nearly 200,000 followers, to share his own grooming experiences, face masks and otherwise.

What’s your first grooming memory?
That weird plug-lid on my dad’s Old Spice After Shave. I would slap it on after shaving off the two blond chin hairs I sadly had at 18.

What was your first cologne experience?
During my private Catholic boys school days, I wore Old Spice. The minute I transferred to public school and met my first trendy Jewish girls, it was Polo.

Describe your daily grooming routine:
My wife and I both have Michael Apa toothbrushes. I try my best not to use hers, but if I think I have by accident, I'll blow dry it. It's easier than getting divorced.

If we opened your medicine cabinet, what would we find?
Weirdly, Old Spice again. Only this time it's my teenage son who bought it; not my dad. It skipped a generation. Hats off to Old Spice. There are also a gazillion empty Linda Rodin bottles. My wife drinks Rodin Olio Lusso. I actually happen to like how Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturizer smells. So I have an empty tub of that. SpongeBob Toothpaste and embarrassing prescriptions that shall remain nameless.

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If we pulled back your shower curtain, what would we find?
A tub full of bath toys. And a tub of Glamglow Gravity Mud. I wear it to scare the kids, but my skin looks great after. My daughter’s entire dorm has begged me for sample packets! It's good stuff.

Is there one product you can’t live without?
Apple products.

Is there a woman’s fragrance that melts you?
My wife wears Le Labo Santal 33, and I love it.

Are there any women’s products you envy?
We have La Mer lying around but I'm not allowed to use it. It's electrified.

Any women’s products — or beauty rituals — you pity?
The whole needle in your lips thing sounds painful.

Are there any women’s products you occasionally ‘borrow’?
I tried using concealer once over a pimple. When I got outside it looked like I had highlighted it. Matching your skin color is hard! And I'm a painter, so I should know.

Where do you get your hair cut and beard trimmed?
The Streicher sisters do me a solid when I can find parking outside their groovy studio.

Which male celeb do you think has the best hair?
You know who is really cool? (and it's not because I'm Canadian): Eugene Levy’s son, Daniel Levy. He looks like his dad, but cool. And he has cool hair. How much do you love Eugene Levy??

What beauty look on women do you love?
I like that Taylor Swift lyric about red lips and rosy cheeks on the beach in a nice dress. Maybe I should think of something cooler to say here? Nah.

What beauty look on women do you scratch your head at?
Face tattoos seem like a huge commitment to me. Not sure it's the best idea, long term.

If you were given a Spa Day gift certificate, how would you spend it?
I would give it to our nanny who chases our twin boys around all day. She is a saint.

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