Donald Robertson Tells His STORY

The artist gets sketchy at the NYC concept store.

Donald Robertson at STORY

No matter the theme, Rachel Shechtman’s ever-changing retail spot STORY boasts something for everyone. And after collaborating with artist and Instagram sensation Donald Robertson on its 26th installation, STORY now boasts something for everyone—and then some: Urban Ears headphones, porcelain dog bowls, Mi Cielo kids’ T-shirts, limited-edition shades by Warby Parker, and the launch Robertson’s new children’s book “Mitford at the Fashion Zoo.”

“On Instagram people are always saying, ‘Donald you should do a wallpaper! Donald you should do flip flops!’ And I’m always like, yeah, I don’t really want to do that, but maybe I’ll do it… for one month!” Robertson explains coyly. “So the best thing about everything in here is it’s full Cinderella. The minute Fashion Week’s over, it’s gone. The whole thing goes completely away, [Rachel] turns the store into a new store, and it’s not like an ongoing thing. It’s a burst.” Robertson is customizing everything from Rolex watches to Canada Goose coats. Rounding out the lot are customizable Bow and Drape T-shirts and emoji appliques, make-your-own Smashbox lip gloss, and peelable Chasing Paper wallpaper strips, just the thing for rented apartments, or other temporary housing situations as Robertson kindly points out. “If you’re doing a stint in prison, you could sneak it in and spruce up your cell,” he says, showing off his signature lips print. Something for everyone indeed.

Photos: Donald Robertson Tells His STORY

Donald Robertson at STORY.

A few of the exclusive items in STORY.

Donald Robertson X STORY Letter from the Editor.

Smashbox make-your-own-lipgloss supplies.

“Mitford at the Fashion Zoo” by Donald Robertson.

Robertson’s wallpaper, notebook, and mug.

Donald Robertson buttons and Bow and Drape tees.

“Mitford at the Fashion Zoo” merchandise.

Robertson and his emoji appliqués.

Custom Donald Robertson bags.

A few of the exclusive items in STORY.

Donald Robertson X STORY.