Spent gives a lot of the usual advice--like banning processed foods and caffeine--but also suggests techniques like sleeping in a cold room (to release sleep hormones), popping bedtime amino acids (L-thenanine and 5-HTP) and listening to reggae. After Karan introduced Lipman to the crowd, French singers Andres Levin and Cucu Diamantes performed some floor-shaking musical numbers (which sent some obviously "spent" guests out the door).

The pair met eleven years ago and have become close pals--Karan even made a dress for Lipman's daughter's bat mitzvah. Lipman, who's also advised Hollywood holistics Gwyneth Paltrow and Kyra Sedgwick, characterized his enduring friendship with the designer thusly: "We both have a passion for Africa... we both have a passion for--"

"Dance, food, juicing!" interjected Karan, slinging her arm around him in utter adoration.

And there you have it.