The Doctor Is In

A chic, new natural skin care line from London joins e-commerce

dr jacksons skin cream

Dr Jackson’s all-natural skincare launched at Harvey Nichols in the UK in 2012. Now, three of the brand’s four products have hit Net-a-Porter, bringing the eco-luxe line across the pond, and the 04 Coconut Melt—a coconut oil-based balm that liquefies into lips, cuticles, and other dry spots instantly—has sold out at least twice. What’s the buzz all about? Founder Simon Jackson got his PhD from the Kings College School of Pharmacy in London specializing in African medicinal plants and dermatological disorders before traveling to countries like Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and Peru in search of the world’s most skin-friendly flora. Bottom line: The formulas are clean of synthetics and the ingredients, such as baobab seed oil with six times as much vitamin C as an orange, are potent. Plus, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t mind these good-looking amber bottles in our bathrooms either.

Photos: The Doctor Is In

Dr Jacksons Skin Cream. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Baobab Market. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Dr Jacksons Skin Cream. Photo courtesy of the brand.