Drake Says His Son Adonis Paints Better Than Picasso

"Don’t @ me."


Drake has only been a father for a little over a year (and, publicly, for 7 months), but he has already fully morphed into a corny dad. The rapper confirmed as much when he shared his Christmas (and late Hanukkah?) present on Twitter from his son, Adonis. His baby—likely aided by Adonis’ mother, French adult film star and artist Sophie Brussaux—made him a painting and Drake was more than impressed by it.

“Adonis > Picasso,” he wrote in the caption of a photo of it posted to Instagram without a hint of irony, adding, ” don’t @ me ??.” While Adonis is a natural—not surprisingly, considering his mom is also a painter—Drake himself wasn’t exposed to much art as a kid, as he told W Magazine in a 2015 cover story. “We didn’t really have paintings on the walls, but I grew up with album covers! I loved the Marvin Gaye cover for What’s Going On,” he said. “It made me want to hear the music, to be in that world. I liked anything visual that pulled me into the music.”

Outside of this photo of Adonis’ art, Drake hasn’t talked much about Adonis, or shared any photos of him yet, as he rapped on his Scorpion track, “Emotionless,” “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world, I was hidin’ the world from my kid.” He shared that song in the wake of Pusha T outing his child—the collateral damage of the rappers’ feud—which Kanye West was apparently blamed for. (Drake and West have since made amends.)

The actor and rapper has revealed, though, that he’s been imparting the same lessons to his son that his dad taught him. “[He has] crazy blue eyes — baby blue eyes,” Drake recently told LeBron James on HBO’s The Shop, “He’s already in the pool shooting the basketball… I’m just excited, [teaching him] all of the things I’ve learned from and through my father and the incredible things I’ve learned through my mother about patience, about unconditional love.”

Drake also opened up about his co-parenting relationship at the time, adding, “I am a single father learning to communicate with a woman who, we’ve had our moments. I do want to be able to explain to my son what happened. But I don’t have any desire for him to not love his mother. I don’t ever want the world to be angry at his mother. We have found ourselves in a situation and we are both equally responsible. Now, I’m just really excited to be a great father.” (And to have a son who’s a better painter than Picasso, apparently.)