Dylan Sprouse Stars Alongside Khadijha Red Thunder in Kygo’s “Think About You” Music Video

He stars alongside Khadijha Red Thunder in the Sarah Bahbah-directed video.

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All the cool kids these days are starring in high-concept music videos—just ask Noah Centineo, or any of the approximately one million celebrities of varying levels of fame who popped up in Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” visuals. The latest to condense an entire film-length storyline into under five minutes is Dylan Sprouse, who stars alongside model Khadijha Red Thunder in the new video for Kygo’s song with Valerie Broussard, “Think About You.”

In the clip, directed by artist Sarah Bahbah, Sprouse and Red Thunder play Jax and Ariel, a couple that has recently broken up for reasons that swiftly become crystal clear. On his way to chop down the tree on which he and Ariel once carved their names, the present-day Jax is stopped by a mysterious stranger—played by Rob Raco, Sprouse’s twin brother Cole‘s Riverdale costar—who, for some reason, puts Jax through the torturous exercise of watching his and Ariel’s failed relationship in silent movie form, from initial lust to dramatic crash and burn.

By the end of the video, it’s unclear whether a now-crying Jax has learned anything at all—Ariel was literally reading a book called “Love Is Stupid” throughout their entire courtship, which is perhaps the biggest red flag in relationship history—or whether he thinks dancing shirtless behind her as she tries to read and saying vaguely creepy, wholly cringeworthy statements like “It’s a beautiful day to be lovers” and “Let me into the deepest, darkest part of your mind” is totally normal and rational behavior. But hey, at least the song is catchy!

In real life, Sprouse is nothing like the clingy, oblivious ex he plays in Kygo’s video. In their recent digital cover interview with W, he and girlfriend Barbara Palvin discussed their own, much more simpatico relationship. “There’s a little language barrier for me, so I was never good with texting or flirting,” Palvin, who grew up in Hungary, said. “With Dylan, everything seemed so easy. We had the same interests, and jokes were hitting at the right spot, and he didn’t think I was disgusting or anything.” A much stronger start to a relationship than trading copies of “Love Is Stupid”!

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