Noah Centineo Stars in Music Video for Wallows’s “Are You Bored Yet”

To All the 13 Reasons I've Loved Before?

Noah Centineo
Nathan Congleton/NBC/Getty Images

Noah Centineo is now best known for his role in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but before that Netflix sensation premiered, he dipped his toe into the internet boyfriend waters by starring as Camila Cabello’s love interest in the music video for “Havana.” Although since TATBILB blew up, he’s been offered no shortage of dreamy (fake) boyfriend roles, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from: In the past week alone, Centineo has appeared in two more music videos, albeit for much more under-the-radar artists than Cabello.

His latest is Wallows’s “Are You Bored Yet,” featuring Clairo, which was released on Friday and is essentially the Netflix reunion of tweens’ dreams—since Wallows is fronted by none other than 13 Reasons Why‘s Dylan Minnette. Centineo’s part is brief: As Minnette lives out some bizarre hallucination in a karaoke bar, he looks over to see an unblinking, scruffy-bearded Centineo lip-syncing along to his song while mechanically stirring a drink behind the bar. In a word, it’s mesmerizing.

Stray thought: Hopefully, Centineo had the good sense to ask Minnette to introduce him to Selena Gomez—an executive producer of 13 Reasons Why—so he can stop thirsting after her in the Instagram comments already.

Exactly a week before the debut o “Are You Bored Yet,” Russian DJ ARTY dropped the video for “Save Me Tonight,” which not only stars Centineo in a much meatier role but also marks the 22-year-old’s directorial debut. In that clip, Lily Collins takes on the rather improbable role of a bullied teen, and Centineo returns to his wheelhouse as the mischievous but good-hearted high schooler who comforts Collins after her classmates dump the contents of a trash can on her head (see: improbable). Not to spoil Centineo’s four-minute masterpiece, but in that time, he clears the detritus out of Collins’s hair, welcomes her into his own friend group, and helps her plot revenge on her bullies. It’s all in a day’s work for the Internet’s collective boyfriend.

In an interview with Billboard, Centineo spoke about how his past experience on music video sets had prepared him to go behind the camera for his friend ARTY’s video. “[‘Havana’] was such a killer experience. I would say that all of my experience on any set over the course of my life has helped me in directing ‘Save Me Tonight,'” he said. “‘Havana’ is half performance piece and half narrative; ‘Save Me Tonight’ is 100 percent narrative, meaning that [ARTY] is never performing the song in any part of the video, and its purpose is to tell a story with a kick-ass soundtrack.”

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