Ekaterina Malysheva Reveals Her Halloween Style Tips

And more.

Ekaterina Malysheva

The secret to a chic Halloween costume? The perfect body suit. This year, our pick is from Ekat, the label designed by London-based, Russian-born Ekaterina Malysheva. “I’ve seen it all,” Malysheva says of the costumes her customers have built around her sleek one pieces, which are now available at the Halloween pop up shop inside Claire Distenfeld’s Upper East Side boutique, FiveStory. Here, the designer opens up about her personal style, Halloween preferences, and more.

Describe your style in three words: Knitted. Alluring. Tasteful.

Daily uniform: J brand jeans, biker boots, James Perse t-shirt, a good manicure, bad hair, and always Hanky Panky underwear.

Greatest hits: All of the coolest stuff in my wardrobe is vintage from a shop called RELIKK on Golborne Road in London. Also, presents from my boyfriend’s mom, Chantal.

Preferred footwear: White Chuck Taylor converse, YSL Biker Boots, anything Sophia Webster & Charlotte Olympia, K Jacques Sandals from St Tropez.

Finishing touches: For daytime, I love Theodora Warre’s jewelry. She uses a lot of moonstone, which I’m obsessed with. VENYX by Eugenie Niarchos does really cool rings that you can dress up or down. I particularly love her tortoise-shaped ring in rainbow stones. For more elegant vintage for the evening I love Sabine Ghanem’s rings, earrings and necklaces. Ines Figaredo does the best handbags. I’ll get stopped on the street at least once a day when I wear them. Also, Marko Matysik of Vogue Japan makes belts with stones on beautiful reversible leather. They are custom made just for you and can transform any outfit.

Nighttime look: I’m always just wearing a catsuit at night. Just kidding. I make a lot more effort at night than I do during the day. One or two items will be super colorful and bright. I think it’s important to look sexy but also be really comfortable so your night lasts for ages. I think Isa Arfen makes the perfect evening attire.

Favorite recent discoveries: Ivan Dovlatov’s books—it took me a month and a half to finish his entire repertoire. I wish he were still alive to write more. And I started drinking Kefir again. I’m obsessed. It’s quite nostalgic as it reminds me of my childhood when my mother would force us to drink it before going to sleep, but it’s also very trendy these days. When I’m not drinking Kefir I’m drinking Pisko Sour, which I discovered at my friend’s restaurant, Casa Cruz. Pisko is a Peruvian brandy. And my new favorite neighborhood is Queens Park, which is north of Notting Hill in London. I love it so much that I’m relocating there.

Favorite stores: Any Parisian pharmacy can be equated to heaven on earth. My new favorite boutique is called American Two Shot in NYC. They have a very, very good buyer. You won’t find a single item that someone else already has. They also have a really fun photobooth, a great coffee bar and sell cards. I bought one that says “Happy Fucking Birthday” and one that says “Don’t Ever Fucking Leave Me”, they’re a huge hit with my friends/family. I get really excited when I go food shopping in Planet Organic in London, It’s like being a child in a gluten/lactose/sugar free candy store.

Style pet peeve: I cringe every time I see someone wearing open toe boots.

Style icons: I really love the way my friend Alix Duverney dresses. If I had a style icon, which I don’t, it would be her. My second style icon, if I had two, would be my boyfriend’s mother, Chantal. She’s both elegant and cool, which is exactly the kind of look I think everyone should aim for. She also gives the best gifts.

Lusting after: Tom Hardy, a trip to Tehran and a Scottish Fold kitten.

Favorite haunts: A friend recently took me to the most amazing restaurant/jazz bar in NYC! I’ll be celebrating my 30th there for sure. It’s called Minton’s and is in Harlem. The food is really good, the atmosphere is sexy and old school, and the music is great.

What’s always in your bag: Ginger candy, iPhone x2, keys (before I lose them), wallet when I remember to bring it along, and lots of other crap I don’t need.

What makes for the best Halloween costume? A really good sense of humor. The person who always makes an effort on Halloween is Heidi Klum. She seems like the most hilarious chick ever. Imagine how much fun she has.

What’s your Halloween advice: It’s the most fun to not care about being beautiful or sexy for one whole day and make a real effort to look like a completely different being, in a different time and space.

Where is the best place go Halloween shopping? Hands down – Patricia Fields. They not only have the best selection of dress up clothes, they also have the best hair and makeup. Ever.

Photos: Ekaterina Malysheva Reveals Her Halloween Style Tips

Ekaterina Malysheva. Courtesy of designer.

One of Malysheva’s body suits. Courtesy of designer.

Malysheva plays dress up. Courtesy of designer.

One of Malysheva’s body suits. Courtesy of designer.

Malysheva poses with horse. Courtesy of designer.

One of Malysheva’s body suits. Courtesy of designer.

Malysheva with a friend. Courtesy of designer.