All of the Hot Bachelor Princes Twitter Has Rounded Up Now That Prince Harry Is Married

It's not often that Twitter, a social media app intended as a platform for exchanging information, is actually useful—more often than not it's an emotional and time drain—but there are always exceptions. One of which is when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became official this past weekend. After the initial fervor began to wear off, Twitter users refocused their energy on more pressing matters: detailing which royals are still eligible. As it turns out, there's quite a handful of prospective bachelors.

One name that came up without pause is Prince Mateen of Brunei, the 26-year-old 10th son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Take one glance at his Instagram, where he has over 880,000 followers, and it's no wonder why. The polo player, boxer, pilot, and GQ Thailand cover boy has the looks and real-life title of a Disney prince. As for what he looks for in a princess: “In just a few words I would say someone who is in genuine and real," he told GQ Thailand. "Someone who is very simple, that’s what I like.“

Others, however, gravitated toward Denmark's 18-year-old Prince Nikolai, who's making a career out of his model looks. Prince Nikolai, who's sixth in line to the throne, made his modeling debut this past London Fashion Week on the runway of Burberry, and later inked a contract with Denmark's Scoops Models agency. As a bonus, Prince Nikolai's future love interest won't be subjected to the kinds of royal obligations depicted on The Crown. Last year, his father Prince Joachim declared that Nikolai "should not be forced into something. Nikolai’s future shall be conducted entirely by his own plan."

Meanwhile in Dubai, Prince Hamdan has forged his own non-royal career path. The 35-year-old heir to the throne writes (and publishes) poetry under his nickname Fazza. His extracurriculars also include skydiving, cave diving, and tending to his exotic animal collection of camels, alligators, falcons, and at least one tiger, which has all earned him over six million Instagram followers—well, that and his good looks.

Twitter has also gravitated toward other Instagram-famous princes including 23-year-old crown prince of Jordan Hussein bin Abdullah. His interests include soccer, camping, and activism. His follower count? Over one million.

Still not content? Some on Twitter are also into Prince Carl Philip of Sweden regardless of the fact that he was married in 2013 and has two young kids. Some decency, please.

Still not content? Well, there's Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, who, while nobility but not royalty, is Princes Harry and William's cousin on their mother's side.

Also in the "he's not technically a prince, but he'll do category," there's always Arthur Chatto, Prince Margarette's notably swole grandson.

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