When your aunt is Isabel Marant, famed fashion designer beloved by celebrities and cool girls alike, it makes sense that fashion may be your calling. But rather than completely follow in her aunt's designing footsteps, 28 year-old Emily Marant is foraging a path all her own with Studio Marant, which describes itself as "an echo-system for art, fashion, and design." Launched two years ago, the company is based around the idea of limited series, creating a digital space for special creations, driven by Marant's curiosity for limited editions, and her acute sense for rarity and a passion for objects. Marant herself, armed with a strong and charismatic personality, plays a decisive role on the unfolding of fashion and trends. Here, Marant breaks down her passion and enviable style.

Could you tell us more about Studio Marant? When and how did it start?

Studio Marant started two years ago, the idea of launching my own company came quite naturally. Today Studio Marant is a consulting agency for creative projects; it goes from artistic direction and creating unique collaborations between artists and brands to curating exhibitions and developing specific contents. On the other side, with The Inspiration Store, I focus on art multiples and design or fashion limited editions, twice a year I release a new selection of those objects.

How did the concept of a consulting platform for creative projects and collaborations in art, design, and fashion begin? How do you explore different themes through those projects?

I started consulting before I came up with the Studio, creating art spaces, developing online selections for magazines, museums, opening pop up stores for exhibitions, working with different brands. It’s a bit as if I was planting seeds for what would come next.

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Coming out of school I had already written my final degree theses about art multiples and artists derivative products. I chose to develop this subject after working for Musée Maillol on the library’s selection for the exhibition“C’est la vie! De Caravage à Damien Hirst.” So this all these germinating ideas came together with Studio Marant.

Themes are an important key to The Inspiration Store, it allows me to explore creation with a direction. I generally come up with an inspiration and idea that I’ll quickly start developing with a writer or a specialist, this text then becomes the guide line to the selection. I guess this is what we call story-telling.

Emily Marant (Photograph by Adeline Mai)

How would you define your design aesthetic? What excites you right now?

I like it simple with a twist! The Studio’s graphic identity arose from my great grandfather’s photography studio in the 50’s [the original Studio Marant.] With Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet, who designed my logo, we decided to modernize my great-grandfather’s hand signature.

Who are the artists that you feature and collaborate with? How would you describe them?

Artists vary from one selection to the other, I do my best to work with young talents. It is a lot of research on emerging artists and designers. I then get to know them and understand more about their work. There is something very organic, from one encounter to another.

When you were younger did you consider becoming an artist or did you always project yourself as a consultant?

I started off by doing a foundation degree in arts, but never really felt like an artist at that time, my work today is more about showing artists and supporting them. Consulting came along with experiences.

What else do you have coming up?

I’m curating an art and design exhibition for a lovely hotel in the 7th, we will be opening for Paris Design Week in September and covering the FIAC at the end of October. I also have an artistic direction project with a new French brand that does really nice glasses, and a collaboration for a jeans brand on a capsule collection.

Do you have any style icons or favorite designers?

Yes, many. Isabelle Daeron a young designer, she works on designed ecology, it’s really interesting. Romain Vicari an artist I’m supposed to meet this week. Edgar Sarin who just won the Revelation Emerige price. The brand Jour/ne that I’ve been following for a long time, they have just created a collection for La Redoute. And many, many more!

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Emily Marant (Photograph by Adeline Mai)

What’s your idea of a Parisian girl?

The first words that come to my mind are effortless, elegant, sexy in a very subtle way, and hyperactive.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

I never feel more French or Parisian than when I’m sitting at a terrace with a glass of red wine. I also walk a lot; it’s the key to knowing secret places.

What makes you happy?

Being close to the sea and nature. In my everyday life, interacting with others and exchanging ideas around a nice diner makes me really happy. A new pair of shoes can also make me extremely happy.

Three words that describe your aesthetic:

Simple but smart and well done.

Emily Marant (Photograph by Adeline Mai)

Your daily uniform:

Trainers or loafers to run around meetings, a pair of jeans, a cashmere cozy knitwear, a structured jacket, and a large bag.

Something you would never wear:

Crop-tops .

Something you can’t wait to wear this summer:

My Courreges mini-skirt

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