Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why Her Husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, Allegedly Won’t Pay Rent

She swears he is more of a struggling artist than everyone thinks.

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When it comes to her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski wants to set the record straight. Nope, there’s no trouble on the relationship front (and how could there be, when Ratajkowski reportedly “vetted” Bear-McClard for two years before they finally got married, on a whim at a Manhattan courthouse last February). What the supermodel wants you to know is that any claims regarding her husband allegedly not paying rent on their Bleecker Street loft have been twisted to some degree.

Earlier this month, the New York Post reported that Bear-McClard, a filmmaker best known for producing the 2017 crime drama Good Time, helmed by the Safdie brothers and starring Robert Pattinson, has dodged his rent for nearly two years. The sublet on the place began in 2013 with a $4,900-per-month price tag, and the landlord of the building claims that Bear-McClard (and Ratajkowski, who also lives there) owes him $120,000. Some unnamed neighbors, a few of whom are identified as artists, cited the unfairness of a seemingly rich movie producer dodging rent in the expensive NoHo location, while Bear-McClard is claiming protection under the Loft Law, which is basically a set of rules and orders from New York’s Loft Board that could protect a tenant from eviction under certain circumstances.

Ratajkowski remained silent, while comments on her Instagram pointed out that she should “tell your millionaire husband to pay rent and stop using loopholes meant for low income families.”

The supermodel has now broken her silence, taking to Twitter to clear up a few things regarding her husband’s rent (or lack thereof). First, she’s correcting any reports that list her husband’s age as 31 years old; apparently, at 38, Bear-McClard is actually 11 years older than his wife. Second, she would like everyone to know that he might not be as rich as they think, and pulled the struggling-artist card to explain why Bear-McClard lives in the neighborhood in the first place, and why he shouldn’t be priced out. “He’s an independent movie producer so people thinking he’s rich is real nice but not based in fact. He was raised in the neighborhood he lives in now, both of his parents are artists who were priced out of their homes in downtown New York,” Ratajkowski tweeted. “I’m proud he’s fighting the good fight against a real estate conglomerate that bought the building he lives in for 40 million and has continued to spread misinformation on its tenants in order to profit,” she went on. Bear-McClard has also hired the real estate attorney Michael Kozek, who told the Post, “He’s an artist. Born and raised New Yorker and a child of artists who themselves fought to save their homes, including under the Loft Law.”

Now Ratajkowski doesn’t necessarily admit that Bear-McClard has been skipping out on paying his rent, but it does appear that she is adamant about defending his artist bloodline, citing it as a reason for why he shouldn’t have to move out, even though the lease on his loft expired in 2017. Perhaps once Bear-McClard’s upcoming production, Uncut Gems, another film from Josh and Benny Safdie, starring Adam Sandler and Lakeith Stanfield, hits theaters, his check will clear and everyone on Bleecker Street will be happy again.

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