Emma Stone Goes on a Hypnotic Trip in Paul McCartney’s New Music Video

Luckily, the former Beatle rescues her just in time.

Emma Stone, Paul McCartney
Eric Luc/Nasty Little Man PR

It’s hard to say whether diving into a hypnosis session like the one in Paul McCartney‘s latest music video would be a dream or nightmare come true. On the one hand, the video’s star, Emma Stone, gets to run around a black-and-white 2-D wonderland with Sir Paul himself, but on the other, she’s doing all that running in order to escape a pack of murderous mimes. Apparently, you can’t have the good without the bad—which, according to McCartney himself, is basically the point of the whole video.

The former Beatle’s new song “Who Cares” and its accompanying short film/music video carry a lighthearted anti-bullying message. “My hope is that if there are kids being bullied—and there are…Maybe by listening to this song and watching this video, they might just think it’s not as bad…that it’s the kind of thing you can just stand up to and laugh off and get through,” McCartney said in a statement upon the video’s debut on Monday.

The clip begins in the real world, or some fictional version of it, in which McCartney is Dr. Lorenz, a behavioral hypnotist and meteorologist. Stone’s character visits Dr. Lorenz for his hypnotic abilities, despite admitting feeling nervous, anxious, and skeptical about hypnosis. Her skepticism is soon proved unfounded, as she’s quickly drawn into that dizzying monochromatic setting—her choppy bright-orange bob and rainbow eye shadow offering the only color to the scene—and tortured by the aforementioned pack of mimes, who, for the record, seem to be on pleasant terms with McCartney.

Though the singer briefly rescues Stone from her pursuers, driving her to safety in an oddly flat car, the moment of respite doesn’t last, and she soon finds herself alone in yet another avant-garde, monochromatic universe, this one seemingly the inverse of the last. Her makeup is weirder, and the vibe is much darker, but before those pesky mimes can smite her with lightning bolts, she wakes up, back in Dr. Lorenz’s office. Ah, the wonders of hypnotism!

Though the video is an Apple Music exclusive for its first 24 hours, McCartney and Creative Visions, a social change–focused nonprofit, hope it and its message of “universal positivity” will soon spread to millions with the help of the accompanying “#WhoCaresIDo” social media campaign, per the release. Watch Stone and McCartney single-handedly put an end to bullying in the mesmerizing music video, here.

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