Pink Is the Warmest Color

Estée Lauder screens a new documentary.

Elizabeth Hurley

For more than twenty years, October has officially been known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is in large part due to the late Evelyn Lauder, who championed the cause every way she could think of, from those iconic pink ribbons to lighting up landmarks the world over with pink bulbs. (The Estée Lauder company has now raised more than $53 million to support cancer research globally.) This year, Estée Lauder’s campaign includes “Hear Our Stories. Share Yours,” a documentary, which made its debut at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Wednesday evening.

The film, by director Jon Yi, shows five conversations between family members, most of which include a breast cancer survivor. The family members were present at the screening, along with the Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Campaign Ambassador Elizabeth Hurley, Jane Lauder and William Lauder. Needless to say, there were not enough tissues to go around, but listening to the men and women share their experiences was also, in some ways, uplifting. It also inspired a strong hope that a cure for this disease, which I lost my own mother to, is within reach.

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