Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Eye Cream (And Beyond)

Straight from an expert.


In June, the art world flocked to northwest Switzerland for the annual extravaganza known as Art Basel. But it wasn’t just art bros and world-renowned curators that were in for a spectacle for the eyes. It was there that La Prairie, the ultimate in luxury skincare, debuted their latest innovation: Skin Caviar Eye Lift, a game-changing new product for, yes, the eyes. Cased in a unique double barrel system, the serum includes the brand’s signature Caviar Premier, a blend of active ingredients that involves caviar essence. Upon application, the serum creates a visibly noticeable lifting effect on the skin (you’ll feel it almost instantly), while also providing everything you look for in an eye product: anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkles, and a general re-awakening of the eye.

To celebrate just that, La Prairie selected three up-and- coming Swiss female photographers, Daniela Droz, Namsa Leuba and Senta Simond, all graduates of the esteemed Lausanne University of Art and Design, to capture the beauty and mystery of a woman’s gaze, culminating in an exhibition entitled Eyes in Focus, which debuted at Art Basel in Basel in the La Prairie Pavilion in the Collectors Lounge. Also on-board for the celebrations was Dr. Daniel Stangl, director of innovation for La Prairie Group. Here, the expert talks about the new formula, plus breaks down everything you’ve ever needed to know about eye-care.

First off, why is caring for the skin around your eyes so important?

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. It’s very thin. There is constant mechanical stress around the eye because we move our eyes, even just blinking. So, it becomes very fragile. You have to take care of the skin around the eyes regarding the firmness. The other aspect is eye bags and dark under-eye circles, which has to do with aging as the orbital bones recede a little bit. These are all things we target with specific products. Because of the fragility of the skin around the eyes, and because eyes are so important in the perception of a person, we have to take care of the skin around the eyes.

How should women approach caring for skin around their eyes differently than the rest of the skin on their face?

Due to the fragility of the skin, you should avoid rubbing in your eye cream. You just tap a little bit.

There are also so many different layers for skincare, from serums to moisturizers to oils. With eye care, should we be layering there, as well?

It’s very important to cleanse. Use a very gentle cleanser. Then you’ll do the same as you use for your face: a serum and a top cream. The serum promotes actives, while the cream seals in the moisture. Always use a combination—however, if you feel that’s too much for your eyes, personally, I’d just use the cream.

Can you use the same serum and cream that you used on the rest of your face?

No. Eye products are designed so that the actives won’t creep around the skin or eyes. They are designed in a different way regarding technical ingredients. Never use a face product in the eye area. The other way around is okay.

What ingredients should we be looking for in eye products?

You need products that really strengthen the skin and bringing elasticity back. And it’s also about relieving puffiness by increasing microsimulation and strengthening the capillaries. Anything that has to do with microsimulation increase is very important. Caviar is firming and lifting. It’s an aspect associated with the strength of the skin and production of new collagen, which is supported by caviar. If you have a caviar product, we’ll add other actives that support eye-care.

What about the new Skin Caviar Eye Lift is so revolutionary for eyes?

We have a two chamber system, with two facets loaded with actives. They are kept separate and then mix just before being used. It really addresses all aspects of eye-care. Specifically, it also focuses on the lifting aspect. You have an eye-opening benefit which is what, in the end, we actually want. When we age, you can’t avoid the impact of gravity, but we can delay it a little bit. The new product is the perfect product to do that.

At what step in your skincare routine should it be used?

It’s a serum, so after cleansing. Follow by a cream, and if you are out in the sun, you can also use an SPF—just not too close to the eye.

When should women start really paying attention to start caring for their eyes?

Protecting is mandatory right from the beginning. Protection is an important aspect. When it comes to repair, if you start seeing signs of aging, start using. If you don’t care, don’t use. It’s as simple as that. It’s very individual.

Are there any major misconceptions about caring for the eye area that women have?

My personal feeling—though I do not use makeup—is that women should be more careful about how you use makeup and which makeup you use. You also need very gentle cleansers or balms to remove it. I think women are probably not aware of the fragility of the eye, so I would love to see people be more gentle.